24 September 2013

Journal 6

September 23, 2013. Monday. Dad was pissed. I doubled buspar and took a klonopin. Dad set me off but wouldn't listen when I told him he was doing so. Day started out Depression 8 anxiety 10.

I went to St. Joseph to apply to appeal my Medicaid termination. It turns out they didn't receive my bank statement so I faxed it again and they said I was good to go.

I took my evening meds (Buspar 15, Risperidone 3, Wellbutrin xr 300) and my favorite antidepressant. I can still feel depression but it's maybe a 3.

Dogs are chillin' with me. Buddy's demanding scratches while Cherry hogs the bed.

Talked to Dave a little bit, but his phone screwed up. That's what sucks about a relationship with him, he's always at a distance. He doesn't see the fight I put up all day every day.

I'd much rather sleep than do anything, though. I have to go to the doctor tomorrow to complain of my pain. I hope he orders xrays or an MRI. I just want the shit to go smoothly tomorrow.

I find myself missing Mom a lot.

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