24 September 2013

Journal 5

September 22, 2013. Sunday. Depression and anxiety bouncing around. Went to Casey's and about spazzed because there were so many people. I got my lighter and the hell out.

I'd say right this minute my depression would rate a 5. I slept a lot today, didn't take any klonopin though.

My aunt said she'd be a witness for my medicaid appeal.

I still can't believe the state's doing that. I don't think I want to know what my prescriptions cost at full price. Then there's the cost of mandatory doctor appointments.

Anyway, slept and watched football. Not as excited about it as usual. I guess i'm in that stage of depression. Don't give a shit.

Apparently dad's stick fell out of his ass.

My dogs seem to sense something's up. Today I've had one or the other or both of my dogs at my side. Right now it's Buddy.

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