26 December 2012

I feel great!

I feel great. I made it through the holidays. I enjoyed myself in spite of the drama. I remembered Mom. I grieved a little. I shared that grief with a little girl. I learned a lot. I grew a little. I took control of my life after having illegally been placed on a 96 hour hold based on lies.

I didn't let that defeat me, I didn't let them shut me up. I still believe I did the right thing. Nothing will change my mind on that.

I've been told that because I wrote those letters that I was crazy and having a psychotic episode.

Because of those letters outing corruption and ripping the sheeps clothing off of the wolves I lost 5 days of my life, a considerable legal bill, 3 ex parte orders that I beat, and everyone thinks that I'm a violent, crazy psychopath that has threatened to kill kids, doctors, patients, staff and it even went around that I was going to kill my father in his sleep.

I've heard that I hear voices.

I've been told I was/am delusional and making shit up about the sex abuse and what the 2 dildos down the road are doing.

I've been forced to face some of the most bigoted hatred towards me simply because I have a mental illness. I will not tolerate that.

I've learned how the other side thinks and what they feel.

I'm going to bridge the gap and erase some of this stigma. I started a support group for people with mental health issues. I will grow it into an advocacy group as well.

I will succeed. I am doing the right thing. I will stand up for the 1 in 17 adults facing serious mental illness. I will stand up for the 1 in 5 adults that have mental health issues at least once. I will be a voice for the children suffering.

I believed I was going crazy at one point between October and now. I started buying into the bullshit of maybe I did have a psychotic break. Maybe I was imagining the 2 asshats down the road doing and saying shit. I was told that because I brought in everything they've done, giving a voice to the voiceless or the unwitting victim that is what made me be labeled as having a psychotic episode. Because normal people would have just wrote letters complaining about what was done to them. Because normal people...

I'm not crazy. This shit's really going on. There's too much tangible evidence to say that it's not. I had a weak spot in my armor apparently and it was exploited.

That armor is now fixed and reinforced. My spears are sharpened. My woad is upon my skin. I lay in wait now.

I will use the experience of Hell that I've dealt with on a smaller scale all of my life and on a much larger scale, the last 4 months or so.

I will use it to change the world one person at a time. I will use it to help others heal, to navigate the mental health system, to change that system.

I've been a champion looking for a cause for a long time. I have found that cause... and I will fight for it.

Rise my warriors, for today we have Legions to take out. For today we stand for our rights as human beings. Rise and revolt!

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