03 October 2012

Involuntary Committment and Support Group

Hey everyone, I was in the hospital for 5 days (not of my free will, nor was I suicidal or homicidal) however I learned from the deal. I learned how far I've come from the days of crying in the counselor's office throughout the hour to I'm using my knowledge to help people, impressing mental health professionals and the like with my knowledge.

In fact: it has been placed upon me (and I took it upon myself) to begin a support group based on 12 step programs and academic conferences to help those with mental illnesses, their caregivers and to educate the public.

I attended an AA meeting to see how they're ran and the like, yeah, well, I learned what NOT to do (not that I didn't already know that) and was even told I'm not a real alcoholic, I'm just a hard drinker. Whatevs. I saw the rift between "mentally ill" people and "alcoholics" although alcoholism is a mental illness. I didn't bother arguing or showing how smart I was, I just talked to other people and left. I'm never going back and I wouldn't recommend Al-Anon 401.

This crap of "I'm blahblah and I'm an alcoholic" every single time you speak is stupid. I understand the reasoning but it detracts from the conversation. Plus if you're dealing with mentally ill people the fact they're curious enough to come to a meeting is good enough for me. I figure give them time and let them think and gain courage through other people conversing and they'll speak when they're ready. Pushing them would cause problems and set them back.

Anyway, OCT 30 will be my first meeting at 7 pm as soon as I can find a home with technology so I can do powerpoints and shit like that. Meetings will last 2 hours. For more info (aka the handbook) one can go here:  http://cagedbird.bravesites.com/ I'm also trying to plan a chili cookoff fundraiser for Dec. 1.

The “Caged Bird” Mental Health Support Group will implement two styles of meeting:
1)      AA/NA style
2)      Academic Conference Style
The first 30 minutes will be an introduction and support system building session, the next 15-20 minutes will be an informative presentation given by Sarah Spiers, other mental health sufferers, mental health care providers, caregivers and the like. After the presentation will be a 10 minute break followed by an open forum/Q&A session until a total of 2 hours has elapsed.

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