05 February 2012


I was going to call this blog Overreactions and Bipolar or OMFG DRAMA, but people in general are prone to overreactions and drama naturally finds me. I've overreacted plenty of times myself and am by no means perfect but at least I've learned from my mistakes. There are lots of ways to tell if you're overreacting to something or someone. There are also telltale signs that you are in the frame of mind to overreact.

First, if you're wearing your heart on your sleeve it's bound to get stabbed. Second, if you're even slightly depressed over whatever issue you're likely to overreact. Third, if you have a history of overreacting you're likely to overreact. Fourth, if you have some mental illness, like bipolar, you're definitely prone to overreacting.

How to know you're overreacting?
  1. You have the desire to call the party that "hurt" you 10-20 times in a 2 day span.
  2. You overreact to someone telling you that you're overreacting.
  3. You can't stop thinking about whatever it was that hurt you.
  4. You have your significant other call the person that hurt you to go off on them.
  5. You continuously talk about whatever it is that hurt you.
  6. You're so adamant about telling your side of things that you can't see what you did wrong which hurts and enrages you more.
  7. You think your actions are acceptable and normal when people in the real world would say you're losing it.
How to stop overreacting?
  1. Stop using the excuse of "I have a mental illness"
  2. Shut the fuck up, breathe and actually think about the situation and whether the reactions you're having are considered acceptable, would you want someone doing this to you?
  3. Drink a cup of Earl Grey and calm down before you do or say anything.
  4. Find something to distract you from the "pain."
  5. Call your therapist.
  6. Sit in a room with your favorite music blasting for an hour with no interruptions.
  7. Take a walk and burn off some energy and get the endorphins pumping.
There are many things you can do to stop overreacting, I've only named a few. People prone to overreactions make everyone else feel like they have to walk on eggshells around them. That's just not cool. Other people should be entitled to their opinions. People call me an asshole because I'll call bullshit where I smell it, but it needs to be called. If I think you're overreacting I'll tell you. Listen to those around you. If they're telling you that you're overreacting then you probably are and need to step back from the situation for a little while. And let's just let it be known that I'm still pissed about being told I was grieving wrong, like there is a right way and a proper length.


  1. I like what you have said and will try to remember it all. I tend to over react. I recently had a situation where a person called me and got involve in something I had done. which I did because I thought it was best thing to do. I could not explain any thing because she was talking over me. She messed up what had been a very cozy day with my husband and I. She was a good friend I thought. While I was in the bed room crying because I do wear my heart on the outside, My husband sent this friend messages he was greatly upset about our morning being interupted by such nonsence. The person herself over reacted and turned around and accused my husband of being mean and cussing at her calling her names. I was trying to wrap my head around things and made the mistake of calling her to try and figure out things. I private messaged her and she shared all my private message with other people. Yes as I take a look at things I know that I might have over reacted but so did she. The one thing is I did not excuse any thing on me having bipolar or depression or any thing. The person who I thought was my friend blaimed it on my mental issues. I wish I had never let her in on my secretlife or into my heart. I love my friends and they mean the world to me. This person is now telling everyone she know about the situation and I am not. What does that say about her reation. Plus she does not want to repair any thing because of my husband and can't be friends with me if he is in my life. Sad. I am calm. I do not use my illness as an excuse and neither should the other person. What do I do about that.

  2. This post was so helpful! I have had bipolar and am often forced to control my impulse to overreact to a lot of situations. These are great ideas you give to stop overreacting. I also wanted to share a website I came across: http://onlineceucredit.com/edu/social-work-ceus-ba. It also offers a lot of information to help deal with bipolar symptoms.