07 February 2012

Apologies for Overreacting

The last blog of course created more fucking drama. This is the bullshit I got from my niece who apparently didn't read the entire thing. "Not trying to start drama, but what about overreacting to your niece, who has never done anything but try to help you, having any association with her father or uncle simply because they mistreated you in the past?" "You may not have asked for my help, but you didn't have throw it back at me without any type of even slight appreciation that someone in your family doesn't think you're a piece of shit. What I was mainly talking about was that when I overreact to someone, I at least apologize. It sets you off huh... do you remember back when you used to go fishing with Jeff? Yeah, the cousin who touched your precious niece that you claimed to care so much about? Do you ever think that that never hurt me or bothered me? But I never held it against you. It wasn't your fault he decided to lay his fingers on a 7 year old girl, his cousin at that. I never said anything about trying to be your mother. And age honestly doesn't matter as much as people think it does. Just because I'm nineteen doesn't make me fucking stupid... All I was mainly commenting for was a simple apology and then I was going to leave you alone and leave you to your life."

You want a apology? Fine. I'm fucking sorry that I ever let you anywhere near me. I'm sick of you trying to be my mom or my best friend. You don't understand your boundaries. I've tried to explain them many times but you overstep them. 

I'm fucking sorry I stuck my neck out on the line so you could get your GED and go piss away your college education because you would rather have hung out with friends instead of doing homework and getting good grades. Where's the appreciation I got for that? Do you realize how much shit I took from your beloved sperm donor and his wife? I'm sorry that I thought you were more mature than you are.

I'm sorry that you having a relationship with my brothers makes me trust you less. If you only knew the kind of people they really are you'd hate them as much as I do. But what does it matter anymore, family is shit to me. 

I'm sorry that you seem to like to throw it in my face that you're the only one who doesn't think I'm a piece of shit. I'm astutely aware of the fact that everybody but "you" thinks I'm a piece of shit, so why the fuck rub it in? You do everything in your power to try to trigger me and then talk down to me when I react or overreact.

You're not my fucking mother. You're not my best friend. You're not that close to me. We don't have that much in common. Stop expecting a fucking fairy tale family.

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  1. Seems to me you have a problem on you have a problem on your hands. My big brother does the same shit to me, try yo piss me off but when i get mad and start talking shit he tries to talk me down. I hate that shit and it makes me wanna punch im in his fucking face. Like today, i admit im wrong for this but we were playing the xbox360, he diddnt know how to play the game so i kinda overreacted when i yell at him becouse he was making us loose. I should've tought him how to play the game, not yell at him for not knowing how to play the shit. Anyways he said you need to calm yo ass down and shut the fuck up! and threw the controller at me and left the room. I shouldve tried a different approach. Try new approches and it might get you to a better stand of grounds.