19 December 2011

To Cut... a poem.

A poem I wrote as a submission to a book.

To cut, to harm oneself,
Pain to relieve pain
An addiction in itself -
Driving a person insane.

When emotions are intense
When everything goes wrong
When you can't handle it
The urge to cut is strong.

When you want to feel
The sting of the blade
You think of none else -
Until that slit is made.

A minute leads to an hour
An hour leads to a day
A day leads to two -
Not gonna cut today.

Two days leads to a week
One week leads to two
Slipping is not an option -
Gonna make it a year or two.

Two years turns to three
Three turns to four
Slipping is not an option -
Gonna try for four more.

Eight years from the end
Strength from the core
Cutting isn't an idea -
It won't happen anymore.

Countless hours on a couch
Countless colorful pills
Countless tears falling -
Gave me great coping skills.

The option is not available
My brain refuses it to be
Eight years will turn to nine
And I'll still be cut free.

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