10 August 2011

Speeding Tickets and Relationships

So I got a speeding ticket with a seat belt violation today, I was running late to my counselor appointment. It only made me more late. Yay. More money given to the City of Saint Joseph. He got me dead to rights though. Dad's not happy about it. Can't say as I am either, it's my license that gets points on it for each moving violation I get caught at, not his.

Anyway I am supposed to come up with a list of things I'm good at for our next meeting. I can't think of much, writing, cooking, sarcasm. That's as far as the list has gotten, I don't see it growing much. Maybe Dave can help out with it... if he ever calls again. Probably busy with the garden.

Otherwise, I was reading blogs and came across this one Relationships how does bipolar figure into it? It got me to thinking about Frank and Dave. It's easy to make me freak out due to stressors (like losing a friend or just the thought of it) and that's something Frank couldn't cope with. Dave on the other hand understands I don't see the world in the same way he does and forgives freakouts and transgressions, also unlike Frank.

While the author states:
Keep in mind, crazy is normal to us. We’re used to disasters and to facing challenges. When our world comes crashing down on us, it’s often no big deal. Paradoxically, we are often in far better shape to deal with the situation. 
I have to slightly disagree with him. Us crazy people have our limits to our worlds crashing down around us. There is a point where it will make us go batshit crazy to the point of self injury or suicidal thoughts. I should know, I've been there far more than I'd like to have been. The thing is you need a partner, and friends, that can weather the storms of your insanity. While Frank proved himself in the beginning, he disproved himself in the end. Dave... especially after sitting on the bench awhile, has gone the distance. He's defended me when I was being attacked behind my back, he's let me cry and ramble on when the flashbacks flood my brain, and he's been a friend when I needed one. Dave has just been my rock, I guess he missed me while I was gone.

I don't think either realize I carry a grudge like Stalin did. Never forgive, never forget.

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  1. Wow! Amazing post about the connection between the Speeding Tickets
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