01 April 2011

So It's April

It's already starting off bad. I was a day late and a dollar short on dropping a class that's been stressing me and I have no chance of passing. I'll be doing good to pass one class this semester, and it is one I have to pass otherwise I'm up shit creek until next spring when it's offered again. I'm fairly certain I'll pass it though. I have a book review due in it Wednesday and I'm such a slow reader and have been bogged down so much I haven't even finished the book. I'm so sick of reading though. Nothing I read is sticking with me. I'm sick of TV too. All day has been commercials about lung cancer and lung cancer trust funds. MSNBC is getting boring with the same stories over and over again with the lung cancer commercials mixed in.

I'm stoned out of my mind on these meds, probably why I can't remember shit. I want to go back to sleep but for some reason all I do is toss and turn. I tried reading again, it got nowhere so I came here to blog for no real reason other than to whine some more. That's all this blog has been lately, a bunch of fucking whining. I guess at least the blog listens to me even though it doesn't give a fuck about me. That's the thing about inanimate objects, they don't have emotions, sympathy or empathy. That said, I think the Wellbutrin is trying to work, but there's just too much stress for it to overcome. Oh how I'd love a few manic days in a row.

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  1. If you can't remember, you'll have to go through it the slow way: synopsis of the book, one sentence per paragraph, one paragraph per chapter, until the book is done. It sucks but requires no long-term memory.