07 April 2011

Disability Denied

Not my body
So it seems I'm not psychotic enough or bipolar enough to collect disability. The only thing they looked at was the medical records which show absolutely nothing because all I tell my doctor is if the medicine is working or not. They didn't check with my 3 contacts to see what life really is like for me, they didn't pay attention to anything I wrote in regards to what life is like for me, they just fucking ignored everything. I'm having breakdowns every week or so and I'm supposed to be able to hold a job, let alone get one? I can't get one because of the big gaps in my employment record anyway, let alone the fact that I've been asked to leave or quit every job because of personality conflicts... meaning I don't play well with others, but I'm supposed to be able to work at McDonalds (who won't hire me back and food service isn't my thing anyway, I last a month in food service). I'm at the point now where all I can do is cry and want to cut. Hopefully the lawyer can get me what I deserve.


  1. Well, time to hire a disability attorney and he'll see it through to a hearing. He'll take a 30% cut of whatever lump-sum they pay you. And there's a cap on that, to boot. But he'll get you a hearing before a judge.

    If you have been hospitalized for Bipolar related things at least twice, it counts as "significant disruption" and you qualify. Its just they are told to deny on first application as a policy.

  2. Only been hospitalized once and it was only 2 days. I don't know what else to do other than go the lawyer route, especially in Missouri... capital of denial.

  3. When I applied for my disability I was denied 2 times then went before the judge. Hopefully an atty will help you get beyond that 2nd denial. It's very depressing waiting for the answer.

    I'm not sure what it takes to get approved on your disability. It actually took my Dr. writing and saying how I was a danger to myself and others in the work place. (that's because of the seizures) I was placed on temporary disability although epilepsy never goes away and in my case can't be controlled.

    Maybe an atty can get your paperwork so you can see WHY you were denied and you can focus on those things to get you approved.

    Love ya!!!