28 March 2011

Me Grieving and Other Shit

First off, why the fuck do people think they need to tell me how to grieve? Why the fuck can't they just let me do it my own way. I'm doing better now than I was a month ago when I ended up in the loony bin. Besides, it's only been 6 months. If you got over it and dealt with a death in less than six months, then congratufuckinglations, I'm happy you have less emotion than I do. Right now I'd love to be a sociopath unable to feel any emotion or attachment to other humans. I'd also love to be able to speed read, but that's never going to happen either.

Apparently my cousin has moved in with us.


  1. Hugs hon!! You are doing the best you can, that's what matters right now. You have been going through a lot in a short time frame. <3 ya!!!

  2. I really wish I could help you find peace; I cannot even think of a way to guide you to find it yourself. It is terribly painful.

    My Grandmother died in 1981, a week before my 15th birthday, and it still hurts. Sometimes the hurt never goes away, the best that happens is you are distracted from it and don't think about it much.