17 February 2011

Today Just Sucked

It all started when I was so slow to wake up I about pissed myself. When I managed to get up I slammed my skull into the bathroom door frame. I'm surprised there's not a mark. I decided it would be a good time to take my morning meds and lay down for half an hour... then I was stupid enough to pour me a bowl of Special K Red Berry cereal. I had not even gotten a bite and spilled the entire fucking thing onto my crotch, couch and floor.

I didn't want to listen to the shitty music on the radio on the way to class so I was going to listen to my mp3 player. The battery died in the middle of Nile - Ithyphallic.

In general I was being pissy and slightly paranoid. I ended up taking a Klonopin in the middle of the day, again, because I found myself pissed off at merely being bumped into by someone. I mean wolverine pissed. Naturally after that I couldn't concentrate in class to save my ass. I'm wondering how the fuck I'm supposed to make it through the term with a 3.5-4.0 avg. It's safe to say that at the moment I'd rate my depression at a 6 or 7 (no I'm not suicidal).

I came home to eat dinner, and half of it ended up on the floor and my shirt. I was going to do my Wii exercises and try to walk a mile... but with the way the day is going I'd fall and break my neck or something. Instead I'm sitting here eating Blue Bunny Personals Super Chunky Cookie Dough ice cream waiting for my nighttime meds to kick in.

At least I got to spend lunchtime with a couple of people that I give a shit about. That's about the only thing that went right.

I need a fucking hug.


  1. (((Hugs))) Wish I were closer, dear.

  2. This is Christina D. ...when I see you again, no words, no smiles, no frowns...just a really, really, big hug...