25 February 2011

Prisoner of the Dog; Isolation

Prisoner of the Dog

Scraping scarred nails against the stone walls of this asp infested pit that I'm held prisoner inside I shriek to deaf ears. My sounds of pain cannot pierce the darkness shrouding me, crowding me, suffocating me.

Disemboweled by the demons I've been drug by as they dance over my entrails being a fresh caught dinner with my destitute heart their delicate dessert.

Mortified morsel for the demonic black dog, the undead mammal set out to take my mortal soul for his own. The impenetrable mineral barrier traps me in this cold, dark, meaningless Hell - the demon dog's tasty morsel.


Isolation has become my soul companion.
Isolation has become my soul assassin.
I find myself without energy nor spirit,
Stagnant I live within depression's thicket,
Oasis be damned! I exist in quarantine,
Loathing this existence ne'er to be serene,
Aloneness forever - it's forever forseen!
Taunted am I by dreams of a life so normal,
Instead I'm tormented by a soul awful -
Ominously taunting my mind with seclusion
Never released from my tormented delusions!

Isolation has become my state of being.
Isolation has become my state of living.

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