13 February 2011


Happy manic, manic happy - manic
Energetic, elated - ecstatic
Achievements are effortlessly attained;
Thanks to the rapid, malfunctioning brain,
Rumination and contemplation whirl
Cause intense insomnia to unfurl.

Ecstatic manic forcing quill to stroke
Conscribing paintstrokes into baroque.
Sweet manic with it's vibrant impacts -
Be they realistic or high abstract;
Beloved manic mind's creativity
Soon leads into rabid depravity.

The extravagant manic disappears -
Soon the days no longer have any cheer,
Amusement quickly turns to apathy
Apathy deviates to agony
Which instantaneously devolves into fear -
Disquietude - everything and peers.

Paranoia, violent love of mine -
Oh how you've my soul tightly entwined
Strangling my mind, destroying my base
Forcing me to walk the world in disgrace,
Burglarizing my life - lovers and friends
Until on knee I pray for life to end.

Depression, the black demon dog from Hell
Arrives to the ringing of my death knell.
His sharp, bloody fangs sink into my neck
As he's starving from his prolonged trek
Simply to plunder my small will to live -
A will so small it cannot even be sportive.