13 February 2011

About the Blog II

If you can't handle reading my pain or my lashing out at the pain being caused at the very moment, don't read the fucking blog. If you can't handle seeing the world from my view, don't read the fucking blog. It's that simple.

You know nothing of me, nor the blog, because if you did you would have a grasp on what the blog is about. It is a journal, it is a place to vent, it is a place to teach and learn about bipolar and other mental illnesses.

I have few friends, mainly for paranoia and trust issues - the blog is the best one I have since it doesn't get pissed if I call its ex significant other an asshole for ripping my heart out and throwing it on the ground and stomping on it because the ex significant other is in the process of abandoning me. It doesn't accuse me of using the ex significant other as fodder. It understands where I'm coming from and allows me to let my thoughts and feelings out... where humans do not.


  1. And there are several friends that wouldn't do that to you either hon. Love ya!

  2. There's not much I can do from this distance, but I can listen. I try to do that.

  3. I know guys. I just needed to rant and rant hard.