05 January 2011

Womanhood and Bipolar

Ah, that wonderful time to be a woman. That one (or two with PMS) week a month that the demons raise to the surface to make life living hell for the poor schmucks around us.

As if the problems associated with bipolar weren't bad enough, Mother Nature adds to it. I've been kind of hypomanic lately, that is until I walked into the Valley of the Shadow of Death, a.k.a. transforming into a ravenous, jealous, whiny, bitchy succubus from Hell (who still looks like a cross between Janet Reno and Rosie O'Donnell).

Naturally this occurs just when I get my meds straightened out and get used to being on a somewhat even keel. My emotions were in check, with the exception of jealousy (which pisses me off). Although I never have lost my knack for being brutally honest and straightforward, even through the occasional shyness. Hopefully the effect of this being-a-woman thing won't last long, and I can get my jealous bones under control, or at least break them into fine powder so they can't annoy me anymore.

You really should pity whatever poor man gets stuck with me for life. Hopefully he's deaf enough he won't hear the whining or the jealous bitching. I guess I can crank up the death metal or the TV for the guy. Maybe get in the kitchen and make him a sammich. Surely he couldn't hear over chewing on good food.


  1. Well that time of the month is a killer. I don't think there's any cure for the symptoms....although I've heard if you exercise more then it reduces the major ones. (I wouldn't know btw, exercise blehhh LOL)

    I'm pretty sure that when you find that "ONE" he'll accept you no matter what. I was almost 33yo when I finally found Dean and he accepted me for me. It's hard to find a good man. WHY?? IDK?? Its the ones that will stick with you no matter what the moment brings. Mine just happened to be that I met him right before my brain surgery and he stayed. LOL It takes a big man to sit in ICU and look at my stapled head, greasy long hair with an external shunt draining my brain and still tell me how beautiful I was. (THATS LOVE) See sweetie it does and will happen.

  2. What is this "exercise" you speak of?

    Not really looking for a man, was just sayin one should pity whichever one gets stuck with my mood swings ;)

  3. Exercise, that is that ebil thing that makes me run to the pantry for chocolate!

  4. You have less to lose than I though Momma. Hopefully doc has some tips on how to lose 80 lbs and not gain it back.