23 January 2011

Sorrow, Dread and Melancholy - a poem

O sweet Melancholy - thrive! thrive!
Make love within my ebon heart!
O these delusions you contrive
Play somber songs sweet as Mozart.
O joyous notes have been deprived
Forever astray from my heart!
Oh sweet Melancholy - live on
Within my soul with love foregone!

O sweet Dread take away the dawn -
I cannot endure its beauty,
Nor the warm rays kissing upon
My weathered face, softly weeping.
O sweet dread - make dawn be gone,
I prefer my soul be brambly!
O sweet Dread, I'm obliged to you
As green blades are to morning dew!

O sweet sorrow, how you pursue
My poor, annihilated soul -
Feeble maiden to be subdued!
Helpless lady raped on the knoll
By sorrow and his knightly crew -
Paces away from the maypole!
Sorrow, Dread and Melancholy -
The three beastly knights over me.

Me. I wrote this. Yay.


  1. Oh, that is you. That is great, Sarah!!! Wow. I'm impressed!!