06 January 2011

The Muse and Interruptions

I've been bitten by the muse and creative streak quite a bit lately, doing everything from pyrography, painting, and of course, writing, my greatest passion. It may be boredom, it may be mania or hypomania, or it may just be me feeling better considering the condition I was in a few weeks ago.

With bipolarity often comes creativity. Whether we shape it into creative genius or not is on us. In our ranks are Virginia Woolf, Rosemary Clooney, Sylvia Plath, Beethoven, Honors de Balzac, the Michaelangelo, Lord Byron, Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, and William Faulkner. Just for giggles; Winston Churchill, Florence Nightingale, Buzz Aldrin, Ted Turner, and Ozzy Osbourn are labeled as Bipolars. There are many more. I just like these guys most... and Churchill threw me. Usually I pride myself on being able to peg the bipolars in my history classes.

Now, with me, when the Muse sings, I have to listen. It is a compulsion. I cannot not write. It is something I will do until I die. And hopefully I'll get good enough to try to publish and add my name to the list of "Celebs with Bipolar."

Personally, when I'm doing whatever my creativity is leading me to, I'm quite like Michaelangelo, the guy who painted Biagio da Cesna's face as a demon in Hell in his "The Last Judgement". If I'm interrupted bad things can happen. My effort is in my work, and my work alone. Anything less than perfection is not accepted. I have words that need to be penned, lines to be burned, and brushes to be stroked.

I'm sitting back, listening to beautiful death metal, banging away on the keyboard (or whatever) in my own little tranced world. I can tolerate interruption exactly ONE time. After that the wolverine up there starts coming out. To interrupt me, especially in my writing, is to set me back hours or days. These minutes add up. It takes time to calm down to the point where I can concentrate and trance again. I don't care how much I like you, it takes time for me to kill the urge to stab you in the eyeball with a rusty spoon because you cannot respect me enough to not bother me when I tell you my muse is singing. An artist and her art is like a mother wolverine and her pup. Bad things will happen if you mess with the pup.



  1. I hope this doesn't interrupt but thanks again for helping today

  2. You didn't interrupt. Actually writing that for you got my muse kicked in for other projects, and someone interrupted it and kept talking even though I told them I'm writing.

    Also <3 and many hugs to you right now.

  3. When I write a story, it usually comes about 5000 words at a time, in a lump I write in half an hour to an hour. I just know what the story is to tell, tell it, and it's done. I sketches or any of that, the people just are, the story just is, the setting just is.

    And yeah - don't get in my way when I'm putting that into words.

  4. I was working on an epic poem that I've been kicking around my skull for awhile. I finally got the courage to at least try to write it. I figure when it's done, I'll get the courage to start on my "Gesa" novel series. It seems that getting it done is the hard part. IDK maybe I should work on the poem late at night and work on Gesa during "normal person" hours.

  5. I believe most gifted artists across all spectrums are a little off kilter whether it's been diagnosed or not. I've battled my demons for years :)

  6. Indeed we are ;) That's another reason not to interrupt us when we're doing our therapy. It's like poking the crazy person with a sharp stick. Bad things are going to happen if it continues ;)